Best Gaming Headset 2019

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Gamers don’t Die, They Respawn!!
Best Gaming Headset

The world of a virtual game never ends, it just changes forms. From childhood to your Adulthood gaming is something that remained your partner.

So, particularly your gaming experience is never complete without a perfect pair of gaming headset.

Now seriously!! How could you choose the best gaming headset for you? Well, that’s a different story altogether as you need to feel what you need.

Starting with and if you’re serious about multiplayer matches, a high-quality microphone to communicate with your friends (and not to forget the rivals) is also crucial.

To help you on your mission we’ve picked out the best gaming headsets you can buy for any system you like.

This list covers major consoles along with PC and Nintendo Switch, so you can get your game on in style.

If you’re looking for the best PlayStation 4 headsets or Xbox One headsets specifically, we have lists for those, too.

Best Gaming Headset 2019

Headset Name Weight (oz) Type 
Hyperx cloud 2
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Turtle Beach Stealth 700
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Razer Kraken Pro V2 - PewDiePie Edition
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SteelSeries Arctis 7
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SteelSeries Arctis Pro Gamedac
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Sennheiser PC 360
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V-MODA Crossfade 2 wireless
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Logitech G433 7.1
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Sennheiser GSP 300
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1. Hyperx cloud 2 – (Best Gaming Headset for Serious

Hyperx cloud 2This headset should have to be in the top of this list because it’s the one of the best good looking gaming headset which is very comfortable over the ears while playing games.

It’s the best choice for all hardcore gamers who are passionate about playing games.

Another best thing about this headset is its price which cost you not more than $100 which puts no load on your pockets and enhance your overall gaming experience.

Its overhead band is well leathered coated and ear pads are connected with a metal plate on both sides, this allows you to easily adjust the headset while playing games.

The mic of hyperx cloud 2 can extends up to 6 inches which are long and flexible enough to fit in any type of head sizes. The tip of the mic is big and foamy and it’s also detachable which means you can turn your headset to headphones in no time.

Cloud 2 includes a USB dongle which makes this headset stand out from the others.

What things make this best gaming headset?

  • Its USB sound card provides you 7.1 surround sound when you need it
  • Volume control for both the microphone and the headphone
  • If you want to make a call or just want to enjoy some good music, disconnect the headset from the USB which makes it a stereo headset with a 3.5mm jack which you can plug into your phone or game controller
  • The microphone is detachable which makes it both headset and headphone. Again value for money
  • You just need to plug USB into your PC or controller and there is no need to install any further software as it is super easy to use
  • Why change the volume level from the computer when all the access is in your hands. The inline control system in this headset can help you adjust the sound for both the headset and mic
  • It has an echo and noise cancelling feature for a clearer sound or speech which is done by inline sound card attached to this headset
  • Broad platform support:- Cloud II can work smoothly with both MAC and PCs. You can also attach it with your gaming consoles (Xbox One and PS4)

How to enable 7.1 surround system?

If you want to enable 7.1 surround system on your Hyperx cloud II headset you need to use a USB connector plug into the USB port of console. After this on your power console, after that just need to press 7.1 buttons in the middle of the controller it should glow in red which means its working if you press it again it will turn off and get back to stereo mode again.
(Important:- Plug in USB first then turn on your console)

  • Very stylish and Comfortable on Ears
  • Lightweight
  • Best Price
  • Long cable with an extra pair of velour ear pads
  • Detachable Mic
  • 7.1 surround system is good for gaming but not much good for listening to music
  • The wire attached to the headset is permanent hence non-removable
  • A frequent dullness in the bass

2. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 – (Best Xbox One Wireless Gaming Headset)

Turtle Beach Stealth 700The turtle beach stealth 700 is an amazing gaming headset that offers both Bluetooth and noise cancellation in a single headset. This premium wireless headset has authorized licensed for Xbox one and can directly attach to the console without the use of any external accessories. You can attach it, just like you attach your Xbox wireless controller to the console simple.

It automatically configures the headset’s attachment, so just switch on the headset and begin playing.

This is the only headset that comes with both noise cancellation and Bluetooth and you can connect your phone or other devices through Bluetooth.

Now you can enjoy a long gaming session without any interruption of wire and need to charge the headset, again and again, it can last up to 10 hours after fully charged which is great for any gamer.

Turtle beach stealth 700 offers Xbox one windows sonic surround sound that provides virtual surround sound to bring your shows, songs, and games to life.

Windows sonic is very much compatible with Windows 10 and also with Dolby Atmos for headphones.

You can use Turtle beach audio hub app to instantly change your audio settings on the fly. The Bluetooth in these headphones will let you take calls from your tablet/mobile or can stream music while playing.

Turtle beach stealth 700 is a very lightweight headset which weighs only 280g which is good for any wireless headset and also makes you comfortable even in a long gaming session, and the ear cups are made from Turtle beach prospects technology which means it can fit perfectly even for those gamers who wear specs.

Turtle Beach presenting exclusive superhuman hearing sound setting which lets you hear even minor sound effects in the games like footsteps, car stopping or approaching, reloading weapons very clearly and precisely.

Its flip-up mic is small in size but it provides very detailed and clear voice, you can also connect with your mobile phone and Xbox console both at the same time through Bluetooth.

You don’t need to connect your headset with Bluetooth again and again with the paired devices you just have to turn on the headset and its automatically pairs with the devices that are connected already.

What things make this best gaming headset?

  • Turtle beach stealth 700 is the first gaming headset company that provides Bluetooth, noise cancellation and superhuman hearing sound in a single headset.
  • This is a premium headset which combines with Xbox wireless technology. Now you don’t need any accessories to connect your headset to Xbox one it can sync directly to it.
  • Its weigh 280g which makes this headset very comfy and easy to use its dual foam ear pads are very comfortable even for those people who wear specs all the time.
  • You can monitor your voice on the mic it provides you with the ability to listen to your own voice while chatting so that you can listen to how loud you are shouting on your teammates and other friends.
  • The mic is great and small in size which doesn’t affect the voice quality during gameplay. You just have to push a button in order to bring the mic closer to your mouth and push again to sent it back to its previous position.
  • Turtle beach offers Advanced active noise cancellation technology which cancels out the foreign sound with just a press of a button. It lets you enjoy your game and chat more than any other headset.
  • Turtle beach offers superhuman hearing sound technology which lets you hear even minor sound effects such as enemy footsteps or gun reloading very clearly.
  • Its also provides four audio EQ presets including Signature Sound, Treble Boost, Bass Boost and Vocal Boost all of these will enhance your gaming experience more than ever before.
  • Platform Support:- Xbox One, PS4, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Good Battery life
  • Very comfortable
  • Advanced active noise cancellation
  • Superhuman hearing sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sync directly with Xbox
  • Doesn’t include a 3.5mm input cable

3. Razer Kraken Pro V2 – PewDiePie Edition (Best Gaming Headset for Pro Gamers)

Razer Kraken Pro V2If you are a pro or serious action gamer who love games like Battlefield 5 and Far Cry 5 then you will love this gaming headset and another great thing about this headset is that its pewdiepie edition and I am damn sure if you are a hardcore gamer you know who “pewdiepie” is no introduction needed “He is the king of YouTube”.

But we are not talking about him here let’s take a brief introduction about Razer Kraken Pro V2 this headset is well-focused on durability and comfortness and you will feel it once you use it.

It’s a great gaming headset for the gamers who used to compete and wants to enjoy the sound while playing multiplayer games online.

This gaming headset is made of Bauxite aluminium which makes this headset super flexible and lightweight and one can also retract the mic whenever you want. Its microphone has in-line remote for very clear and transparent sound.

You will feel very comfortable even after wearing this headset for prolonging hours as it has super foamy faux leather ear cups which makes it an easy to wear product.

You can adjust it according to your head size but for some people, it might feel loose but you can also find the perfect spot according to your head and after that, you barely feel that you wearing any headset it felt super comfortable.

Razer Kraken Pro V2 has a neodymium magnet which means very high and clear sound with more bass. It also has noise cancelling microphone which filters out the background noises and sends crystal clear voice and is very effective if you live in the very noisy habitat.

If we talk about its frequency its lowest frequency rate is 12 Hz and highest one is 28000 Hz which is responsible for a very clean sound with stronger bass and the frequency of its mic is 10000 Hz which records very clear high range sounds.

It has a mute function which let you mute or unmutes the conversation directly from the headset.

What things make this best gaming headset?

    • It is made from Bauxite aluminium which makes it very lightweight, flexible and more durable. 
    • The headset Weight – 12 ounces. 
    • Mainly build for competitive gamers and for people who play multiplayer, shooting and sports games. 
    • Very flexible and retractable mic with noise cancelling which provides very smooth sound even in noisy environments. 
    • Kraken main cable features handy inline remote through which you can adjust the game volume or can mute your mic whenever you want. 
    • Don’t need any software to install just plug it and it’s done. 
    • You will still feel fine even after using this headset for straight 6+ hours. It has super foamy ear cups which protects your ear from soreness. 
    • Platform Support: With it’s 3.5 mm jack and 4.3-foot long wire, it can give you easy access to PS4 or Xbox controller. For a PC user, you can connect the wire to microphone or headphone splitter cable which can extend its length up to 6.6 foot.
  • Excellent Quality
  • Super comfortable
  • Variety- 5 colours
  • Retractable Mic
  • Best for pro gamers
  • Loosehead grip
  • Mic has low volume
  • Wire feel annoying

4. SteelSeries Arctis 7 – (Overall Best Gaming Headset)

SteelSeries Arctis 7If you are looking for a headset that is an all-rounder in all aspect than the Steelseries Arctis 7 is a must pick for you, it is rated the best gaming headset by the gamers. This headset is perfectly built and very comfortable on ears which make it more popular among pro and the competitive gamers.

It’s a premium grade gaming headset so don’t expect it to be cheap like other ones. But it’s surely a good investment for the long term.

Arctis 7 is a remarkable product because it has everything that a quality headset should have. It is very comfortable to wear with excellent build quality it uses self-adjusting headband which adjusts themselves according to your head but one thing to remember and that is its size.

Arctic 7 is an averagely sized headset which might feel small to people who have big or large heads.

The thing which made this headset very durable is its aluminium frame which is connected to ear cups through a plastic joint that grants for 90-degree rotation.

Ear pads have a very soft touch which feels very comfortable over ears as it is made from very silky cloth and the ear cups are perfectly designed and coated with smooth matte colour which looks very amazing and different from the other ones.

You can wear this headset for hours without ear soreness or a headache it is perfect for gamers who indulge in gaming every day for 4-5 hours as it will enhance the overall gaming experience.

It is connected through a USB transmitter which supplies a very strong signal you can hear the sound even if you are out of your room. Another thing to look upon is its microphone which is non-detachable but can be pulled back into the headset when not in use.

In an attempt to provide a clear notification that the mic is muted it has also placed a bright red LED on the tip.

Steelseries Arctis 7 is simply the best when it comes to audio quality it provides very smooth and clear voices or sound. It handles low-pitched tones fabulously and provides very legitimate or natural sound possible.

What things make this best gaming headset?

  • It has 12m/40ft wireless range that let you play from long distances.
  • Ear Cups made from silky clothes that fit perfectly and smoothly over ears. You don’t feel any ear fatigue or a headache even after using it for several hours straight.
  • It is connected through a USB transmitter which has a very strong signal range. You can hear a very clear sound even if you are in the other room.
  • Each ear cup contains dials or buttons that lets you increase or decrease the volume for both headset and microphone. You can also counterbalance the volume of the game and chat while playing live (only for MAC and PC users).
  • Another thing which makes this best gaming headset is its microphone which provides very smooth sound and can retract into the headset excellently when not in use. The mic tip contains a blazing red LED light which alerts you when the mic is on or muted.
  • It superbly handles mild tones and provides you with the best natural and usual sound possible that lets you enjoy the games fully and also it supports 7.1 surround sound.
  • The noise cancelling feature in microphone works like a charm as it reduces the overall background noises and records a very clean audio.
  • Battery life is amazing, it uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery which provides 24 hours battery. Now you can play the whole day without worrying to charge your headset. It also indicates that how much battery is left to use.
  • Platform Support: It supports VR, PS4, PC, Mac.
  • Best build quality
  • Best sound quality
  • Ear cups are very comfortable
  • The headband is very adjustable
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Size is little small for large head peoples.
  • Wired version only for Xbox one and Mobile.
  • Some buttons are relatively small.

5. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Gamedac (Best High-end Gaming Headset)

SteelSeries Arctis Pro GamedacSteelSeries Arctis Pro Gamedac is one of the best high-end gaming headsets of 2018. Its looks, design, comfortness, and Hi-Res audio make you wanna say shut up and take my money but it is really worth your money let’s take a brief look.

Arctis pro gamedac is one of the most expensive gaming headsets and also the first certified gaming headset with Hi-Res audio system which makes sure that you listen highly-accurate audio 96kHz / 24bit at its absolute full resolution now you can listen to music and game audio way more better than before.

Another thing is that this headset is wired you cant remove the wire from it but there’s also a wireless version which is quite expensive than this one.

The cost is high because this version is SteelSeries first Hi-Res audio certified gaming product which is certified by Japanese audio society.

If we talk about the looks the Arctis pro is similar to its previous versions but the audio quality is much better and different than the Arctis 3, 5, and 7 mainly the bass. The sounds are crystal clear and soothing to ears even without gamedac and don’t let your ears get to fatigue even after long hours of use.

It now gets easier to select your favourite songs or increase or decrease the volume all through automatic OLED menu with 10-band equalizer and you don’t need to install any kind of software or driver for it.

You can access to the main menu by simply pressing the knob on the DAC and can change the input and output sources, change the brightness of the display, change the colours of arctic pro, and can fine-tune the audio setting.

What things make this best gaming headset?

  • The beautiful gunmetal finish on the aluminium alloy hangers and steel headband makes this headset looks adorable and you can also remove the speaker plates if you want.
  • It has one of the best gaming mics which provides very clear sound quality and outstanding background noise cancellation which is way better than its previous versions and you can see the red light on the mic end which shows if it’s muted or not.
  • DTS Headphone X v2.0 surround sound makes you lost in the game completely. It provides very clear and perfect sound of even very tiny sound effect.
  • SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC is built for professionals it provides the best gaming sounds possible which is required for any pro gamer or streamer.
  • Take phone calls from a different device via 3.5mm mobile jack or join an external VoIP chat. In order to output your audio mix for streaming or to connect to a pair of powered speakers, use the line out jack.
  • SteelSeries Arctis Pro Gamedac comes with 3 cables – A proprietary cable, USB power cable for DAC, Optical audio cable, and A ⅛ TRS adapter. The cable length is kinda short you can’t play games more freely basically it is designed for PC gaming.
  • The headset is very comfortable to wear and its ear cups are big and coated with a very soft padding which makes your ear less fatigue during long gaming hour. The velcro latch on the top of the headset doesn’t let the elastic strap to stretch too much which makes it less comfortable to people with large head size.
  • No need to worry about battery life cause these headsets doesn’t need any type of battery. They connect via a USB port or through GameDAC for power.
  • Platform Support:- SteelSeries Arctis Pro Gamedac are very much compatible with PS4, PC, and most of your devices but unfortunately Xbox one isn’t cooperative with the DAC. Also, they do not support Bluetooth.
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • Very comfortable and durable design
  • Offers many controls on GameDAC
  • Various audio source inputs
  • Can adjust the volume of microphone pickup
  • Expensive than a wireless headset
  • No colour variants
  • Short cables

6. Sennheiser PC 360 (Professional Gaming Headset)

Sennheiser PC 360Sennheiser is very popular for its PCs line of the headset and they will never compromise on sound quality and also with their microphone. It’s a very light headset with a great range of sound and has a great mic too which makes this headset a better choice for gamers.

PC 360 is lighter than its previous version PC350s but the PC350s have a much stronger design with hooked cuffs which makes them more ample and comfortable.

The padded headband and the ear cushion provides you best comfortable experience during long hours of gaming sessions. A 3m of cable length gives you freedom of movement to ensure you have a good gaming experience.

Don’t worry about the size of your head even if you have an extra large head or a small one this headset fits all they are strong and flexible enough to fit any shape and size of the head.

Now let’s talk about the sound quality

The mic is great it automatically mutes when waved up near your left cheek. It sounds crystal clear and there are no big cons related to this mic, it’s kinda perfect.

There’s no inline volume control but Sennheiser given the volume control dial on the right ear cup.

For the pro-gamers who get tensed easily while playing online or hardcore action games, Sennheiser gave this headset an open back design which enables air flow in the ear cup that keeps you cool even in very tensed gaming situations.

Also, an open-backed headset can be more accurate than the closed one while portraying bass notes in particular.

This is the best gaming headset for people who like to play alone but if you have children in your house that are a noisy lot or you live in a crowded locality, then you might hear them very clearly.

The mic is very good at capturing low-frequency sounds since we humans talk at a very low frequency the mic can capture a very good audio or speech without any trouble. It can be used both as a headset and headphones. It also includes a 3.5mm of male connector that can fit into any type of PCs or game consoles.

What things make this best gaming headset?

  • This headset weight only 300g that’s not that heavy for a headset but its kinda good to play for long hours.
  • Sennheiser PC 360 is a bit costlier than the other gaming headset but if we look at it sound and build quality it’s worth every penny.
  • Crystal clear high tones and very strong bass with a lightweight design makes you wanna play a few more hours each time.
  • No battery is needed as this is a wired headset hence no need to worry about recharging again and again. A long wire (approx 3m) gives you more freedom while playing.
  • In the place of inline volume control Sennheiser gave a volume control dial on the right ear cup and now you have the option to mute or unmute the conversation directly from the device.
  • The glossy bloom mic looks beautiful and can capture very low-frequency sound to (-38 dBV/Pa). It automatically gets quiet when swung up near your left cheek.
  • It has an open back design that provides ear cup airflow and can be more accurate while providing selective bass notes.
  • The padded headband and the velour covered XL earpads provides a very amazing and comfortable experience during long gaming hours.
  • Platform Support:- The headset has 3.5mm jack input with PCV 07 combo audio adapter which makes it compatible with multiple systems and consoles such as MAC, PC and PS4.

Xbox user might get disappointed with this headset cause it doesn’t fit in Xbox controller you need to purchase an adaptor that fits into your controller or you can purchase

Kingtop 3.5mm y adaptor from amazon which costs you about $5.99.

  • Great sound quality
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Volume dial on the earcup
  • Best sound and quality at this price
  • Strong bass
  • Clear conversations
  • Non-removable mic
  • Not good for the crowded or noisy environment
  • Do not fit in Xbox controller

7. CORSAIR VOID PRO (Best Wireless Gaming Headset)

CORSAIR VOID PROThis is the best wireless gaming headset for the people who don’t like to mess with the wire while playing games or wants to play freely. The Corsair void pro provides an amazing experience of the voice note and a better build quality.

Unlike other headsets which can give you a little discomfort after wearing it for a long stretch (4-5 hrs), I must say you just give a try to these awesome headsets I wore it for a straight 7-8 hours and felt no discomfort.

It has an amazing microphone which can tell you when the mic is on or off through a sound, a USB port to charge the headset and a side button to mute the mic which is on the left it’s a perfectly designed headset for gaming.

Frequency response is good enough ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz

But you need to keep one thing in mind as to NOT compare this headset to the other high-end gaming headsets.

What things make this best gaming headset?

  • It’s all wireless no need to struggle with the wire while playing games.
  • Pretty straightforward installation- Just plug the USB stick into your device and start playing.
  • You can adjust the setting of the corsair void pro or can customize its lighting setting by just simply installing corsair utility engine software.
  • The sound quality is perfect for gaming as well as for music or watching movies too. But one thing to keep in mind is, it’s a gaming headset which is made especially for hardcore gamers. So if you are keen to purchase this for any other matter like listening to songs or watching movies you ought to be disappointed.
  • 16 hrs of long battery life with a 40-foot range makes this absolutely a beast in gaming headsets.
  • Another best thing about this headset is its 7.1 virtual surround processor with 50mm neodymium drivers which adds amazing effects while playing the trending games like Wolfenstein ii: The new colossus, Battlefield etc. To use the headset Dolby 7.1 audio you will require a 7.1 dongle or an adapter otherwise it just works as a standard stereo.
  • The mic is of excellent quality as it provides superior sound quality while playing games or attending video calls, it keeps background noises at bay.
  • Auto Shutdown Feature- Turns off the Corsair void pro when not in use which saves your time from charging headset again and again.
  • Platform Support: Windows 7, 8, 10 with USB port, Internet connection to download CUE software.
  • Value for money
  • Solid sound quality
  • Superb battery life
  • Excellent comfort
  • Mic is great
  • At times the mic may not turn-on automatically
  • Not suitable for listening to songs and watching movies
  • Little heavy

8. V-MODA Crossfade 2 wireless (High-end Wireless Gaming Headset)

V-MODA Crossfade 2 wirelessV-Moda crossfade is one of the best gaming headsets that is engineered in Japan and known for its superb sound clarity and excellent bass which provides very crystal clear audio during gameplay. V-MODA Crossfade 2 wireless

It provides a powerful bass, abrupt treble, and transparent sound which makes it a perfect choice for any gamer but on the other side it’s a bit expensive too than the other headset.

The frame of this headset is built with steel which makes it very sturdy and hard to break and its headband can bend up to 10+ times flat.

It supports unbelievable frequencies which is beyond 40kHz and its inner and outer rings isolate the bass from gushing into the mids and highs.

Expensive materials and lightweight metal components are used to build this headset which makes it more durable and a bit expensive at this price range, Its 45-degree plug and cable can bend over one million times which is an industry standard.

You can use this headset for more than 3+ hours with just a 30-minute quick charge plus 14+ hours of wireless music after charging fully and you can use this headset for unlimited hours in analogue wired mode. You can listen a very clean sound even if you are sitting at a certain distance from your pc or console.

Its Bluetooth has a great range of 10 meters (33 feet).

To play freely you can use hybrid wireless one and if the battery is getting low or you are playing on your console like (Xbox and ps4 controllers) switch to the wired mode.

Multiple pairing at one time which means crossfade 2 wireless can add up to 2 sources at the same time.

V-Moda is extremely comfortable and stylish but its ear cups are pretty normal as its previous version and they fit very closely and perfectly on your head without leaving any gap between your head and the headset.

You might feel some weight on your head if you are wearing this headset for a long time cause it weighs nearly 310 gms which kinda is heavy for a headset.

Earcups contain play/pause/skip button, volume up and down button and the lower end of the ear cup contains the power/pairing button.

The backplate colour and metal are completely customizable as you can change the backplate by removing the screws and adding up the new colour plate to it.

What things make this best gaming headset?

  • Pair your Bluetooth device and listen to your headset from up to 10 meters (33 feet). You can also pair the headset with two sources at a time such as with your laptop and smartphone or with your smartwatch and smartphone while working out.
  • Battery life is kinda low, for a full charge it only provides up to 14+ hours of sound which is way too low than its competitors. The battery is rechargeable and can be used over and over again.
  • Feel kinda heavy on your head cause its weight approx 310 gms which is kinda heavy for a headset.
  • Toughness is tested from military-level quality test standards it is built like a tank. Plastic headbands have superior and best strength with a user adjustable clamping capability and its cover is not built from animal leather and Its memory foam cushions provide extra comfort on ears.
  • It has a detachable cable which lets you enjoy both the world of the wired and wireless headset. You can bend it in whatever way you want it to be, it doesn’t break that easily and is very flexible.
  • V-Moda has stereo speakers which provides you note from independent channels on both rights and left sides which produces a magnificent sound and a much greater experience. The in-line control panel on the wire let you operate the device without interacting with it.
  • For online gaming and communication you can increase the functionality of this headset by using Boompro mic Now its just take one touch to use your microphone. The number of microphones available in this headset is 2 which provides best the sound quality.
  • Another thing which is quite disappointing is such an expensive headset. Also, it doesn’t support active noise cancellation but it supports Passive Noise Isolation.
  • Platform Support:- This gaming headset supports Xbox one, ps4 controllers, PC, MAC, and VR. Basically, it supports all high-end gaming consoles and PCs

Microsoft Xbox one or one x – There’s no need of adapter if you have an updated Xbox one controller with 3.5 mm of a headphone jack. If you have the original Xbox one controller then you need the official Microsoft Xbox one headset adapter

  • Sony PlayStation VITA – You just need to connect the Boompro into the headphone jack that’s it.
  • PlayStation 3 – For PlayStation 3 you need a 3rd party adapter to work which is sold separately.
  • PlayStation 4 – You just need to connect the Boompro into the Dualshock 4 controller.
  • Nintendo Switch – You just need to connect the Boompro into the console’s 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • PC or MAC (STEAM) – You just need to connect the Boompro into the headphone jack on your PC.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 – For Xbox 360 you will need a 3rd party adapter to work which is sold separately

Now let’s talk about its accessories:-

  • V-MODA Crossfade 2 wireless
  • A very small exoskeleton case
  • 1-button speakeasy microphone cable
  • Carabiner clip
  • V-Micro USB cable
  • Gold Plated ¼ pro adapter
  • V-Moda sticker
  • Six-star service
  • Excellent build-up quality
  • Best sound and bass
  • Customized headset
  • Can be paired from long distance (10m)
  • Below average battery life
  • No active noise cancellation
  • Ear cups are small

9. Logitech G433 7.1 (Best Lightweight Gaming Headset)

Logitech G433 7.1Logitech G433 7.1 is one of the lightest and flexible gaming headset of all time it weighs only 259g and its fabric is very comfortable over ears.

This headset is one of the best-looking gaming headsets on the market that comes in a variety of colours such as Fire Red, Royal blue, Triple black, and Camouflage pattern.

When I first see this headset I just can’t ignore its slim headband, over the ear-cups, beautiful mesh fabric design and colours make it look more appealing and catchy to the eyes.

Overall its design is very durable and comfortable.

The G433 headset comes with a headset carrying bag which contains boom mic which is completely detachable and a 2m braided cable with a 3.5mm male connector for mobile and PC use, A USB adapter, a splitter for a separate audio and mic connections, and one set of microfiber ear pads. It also has 2 years of warranty period.

Another plus point of G433 is that it doesn’t need any battery to work so no need to worry about replacing or recharging the battery again and again.

G433 have active noise cancelling which allows you to listen at a very low volume which makes your ear less fatigue during long gaming hours. Like most of the headset, it also has an inline control panel on the wire through which you can control the device without having too much interaction with it.

The another best thing about G433 is its DTS 7.1 surround sound which is effective for multiplayer gaming you can hear very clearly your opponents. But one thing I tell you is that don’t compare its sound quality to other high-end gaming headsets because it’s not that good or subtle as you hear on Arctis 5.

If you planning to buy this headset just for listening to music then you might be disappointed as it’s perfect for gaming purpose but not for music.

It has a stereo speaker which release sound from free channels on both the right and left sides which creates a better sound experience.

At last, if you are on a budget or don’t want to spend much money on a headset then you might give this headset a try.

What things make this best gaming headset?

  • Lots of accessories such as headset carrying bag, boom mic, 2m cable, a splitter for separate audio, extra set of earpads, and a USB adapter.
  • Detachable Mic and a 2m wire which allows you to play the game more independently.
  • Its noise cancelling microphone filter out the unnecessary background noises and provides you with a clear communication even in noisy environments.
  • It includes 3.5mm of male connector wire which is suitable for any kind of gadgets or consoles.
  • G433 weighs only 259g which makes this headset very lightweight and easy to carry its flexible body can fit into any type of bag.
  • No need to recharge or replace the battery again and again this headset don’t need any type of batteries to work.
  • The active inline control panel on the wire makes easier for you to control the sound levels without any interaction.
  • The DTS 7.1 surround sound is very effective for multiplayer gaming.
  • Platform support:  It connects with almost any gadgets and consoles such as PC, Xbox Live, PlayStation, and Mp3 players.
  • Very lightweight and beautiful
  • Good Accessories
  • Clear communications
  • Not good for long hours
  • Bass is average

10.Sennheiser GSP 300 (Best Budget Gaming Headset)

Sennheiser GSP 300Sennheiser GSP 300 is one of the best closed back gaming headsets. This is a beautiful looking headset with a durable structure that doesn’t break that easily and it also suitable for music, chat, and gaming.

It weighs 295 g which is very good for a gaming headset and it fits perfectly and provides extra comfort during long gaming sessions.

But one thing that downgrades this beautiful looking headset is it’s not wireless and comes with a 2.5m length of wire which splits in two at the end green and another is pink which is for mobile and consoles.

The wire has 3.5 mm of the male connector which connects almost any mobile or devices.

Like much other gaming headsets, it also has an inline control panel on the cable which lets you run the device without having to associate with it.

Sennheiser GSP 300 is a wired headset so no need to worry about the battery life.

The headset comes in four different colour Black, Black and Blue, Black and Red, and Black and White each colour comes with a different price tag.

Sound isolation in Sennheiser GSP 300 is incredible. It sits strong at the place and produces an acoustic seal which prevents sound from leaking out and also reduces background noises. Its perfect for any competitor gamer that requires high concentration while gaming.

If you want to change the volume you can do it easily by turning the volume wheel on the right earcup of the headset.

The mic is long and provides very good and detailed sound quality during gameplay and chat but it’s not much flexible and mic volume pick up is also lower than the other good gaming headsets.

It’s very simple to use the mic if you want to chat just pull it down near your mouth and when the work is done pull it back to its original place simple.

The Mic also supports noise cancellation feature which cancels out the background noises and provides you with a better and clear communication with your gaming buddies.

Sennheiser offers a very comfortable full size over the ear cups that fully cover your ears and increase sound isolation which means it doesn’t leak the gaming sound to the person sitting next to you.

The headset can be used for games, music, voice chat, mobile phones, and Skype etc.

What things make this best gaming headset?

  • Sennheiser GSP 300 is one of the best closed back gaming headset with memory foam ear pads which provides the best comfort and noise isolation.
  • This headset is one of the best gaming headset available at best possible price on Amazon and also have the best gaming mic at this price. Also, it comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It provides sound isolation which produces an acoustic seal over the ear and reduces background noises and delivers superb sound quality during gameplay.
  • Sennheiser also provides noise cancellation mic which is created to refine out background sound from the desired note and provides a very clear communication between two.
  • Split headband disperses the pressure providing for the superior comfort which is good for long gaming sessions.
  • Very high-quality materials are used to make this headset tough and reliable. It doesn’t break that easily and can work excellently in long term.
  • To control the volume Sennheiser provides a volume dial on the right earcup of the headset its very comfy and easy to use.
  • Despite many other headsets that don’t provide any other colour variants. Sennheiser GSP 300 available in four different colours Black, Black and Blue, Black and Red, and Black and White each variant comes with a different price tag.
  • Platform Support:-  It is compatible with Xbox One, PS4, Mac, and PC.
  • Mic with noise cancellation
  • Good for long gaming sessions
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Very Simple Setup
  • Best gaming headset at this price range
  • The Mic is not much flexible
  • Not good for music
  • Volume pick-up of Mic is low

Top-Rated Gaming Headsets

1Hyperx cloud 2
4.1/5Check Price
4.1/5Check Price
3Razer Kraken Pro V2 - PewDiePie Edition
4/5Check Price
4V-MODA Crossfade 2 wireless
4/5Check Price
5Sennheiser PC 360
4/5Check Price

Purchasing Guide:

All the gaming headset in this list are available on Amazon at best possible price. Sometimes the price may hike up or you can just get it in half of the regular price during sales.

Buying from our affiliate links will help and motivate us to make more helping product reviews and guide for you.

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